Our Journey From 1990 Onwards.....

The very first building of T.V.M.H.S. in 1990-91

Our first Principal Late Shri. S.H.P. Singhji with
Shri. Jitendra Singhji celebrating
Independence Day (1990-91).

Our first School Bus

Our Science Laboratory

The T.V.M.H.S. staff

The Tree Plantation Ceremony

Shri. V.K.Singhji, seen watering a plant

Late Shri Dr. Rammanohar Tripathi seen watering the plant

Shri. Ramesh Singhji planting a sapling

Dy. C.P. of Police Shri. Thorat planting a sapling

C.P. of Police Shri. S. Murthy planting a sapling

Gen. Mehta seen watering a plant

Shri. Pardesi Dy. Director of Education planting
a sapling

Shri. Gosaliya along with former Principal
Dr. Kavita Patkar planting a sapling

The Well Wishers of T.V.M.H.S.

The T.V.M.H.S. building foundation stone
being laid by our founder
Late Shri. Thakur Ramnaryan Singhji

The new T.V.M.H.S. building No.1 of 1997

The T.V.M.H.S. staff of 1997-98

Our School Office Lobby of Building No. 1

T.V.M.H.S. Gymkhana - Badminton Court -1997



T.V.M.H.S. Volley Ball Ground

T.V.M.H.S Cricket Ground


T.V.M.H.S. Badminton Court

T.V.M.H.S. Science Lab

T.V.M.H.S. Computer Lab

T.V.M.H.S. Activity Room

T.V.M.H.S. Cooking Room


T.V.M.H.S. Pre-Primary Classroom

Table Tennis - A Recreation for Kids

The first Kiddy Ride of T.V.M.H.S. of 1997

The Happiest Moment for Kiddes - Jolly Rides
of 1998

The Improvised Science I Laboratory of 1998

The Improvised Science II Laboratory of 1998

Our Computer Laboratory of 1998

Reading a pleasure - Our School Library of 1998

Cafeteria - Delicious Nutritious Food

Our School Buses of the year 1998

T.V.M.H.S. Assembly - 1999

Seeking the Blessings of our elders

Celebration of Independence day

T.V.M.H.S. - Host for R-ward Science Exhibition

T.V.M.H.S. - First Prize winner in R-ward
Science Exhibition

Shri. Ramesh Singhji doing the honours -
R-ward Science Exhibition

Pooja Ceremony - Of Improvised Modern
T.V.M.H.S. Building No.3 -2005

Building No.1, New T.V.M.H.S. Building No.2 & new School Campus of the year 2005

The Enterance is welcomed by a beautiful
Water Fountain -2005

Library 2005

Hindi Divas

Inter-Class Skit Competition

Investiture Ceremony

A Short Tour to Gokul Hospital

Aids Awareness

Film Show - Life of Gandhi

Ganesh Festival

Cleaniness Drive


School Museum

Social Service

Talk Show

Under water Training at O.N.G.C



Project Making Competition

'R' East Ward Science Exhibition

Rangoli Competition 2005

New T.V.M.H.S. Audio Visual Room 2005

New T.V.M.H.S. Computer Lab 2005

New T.V.M.H.S Language Lab

Young Scientist Club-Body Structure

Bhakti Vedanta Scholarship,Story Telling & Shloka Recitation Competition

Environment Day Celebration

Head Mistress receiving trophy for securing 2nd prize in Quiz competition and Science Exhibition Conducted by Education Department. Honored by Mr. Rehman the Chief Education Officer.

Project Making Topic - Dwellings

Samrat Tap the Talent Exam

Women's Political Forum-Pidilite Industries Ltd. Drawing Competition (Inter School)

Primary Investiture Ceremony

Pooja Ceremony of Building No.3 - 2006

New T.V.M.H.S. Building No.3 of the year 2006

New T.V.M.H.S Biology Lab

New T.V.M.H.S Chemistry Lab

New T.V.M.H.S Football Ground

New T.V.M.H.S Volleyball Ground

New T.V.M.H.S Art Room

Dance Performed by Secondary Students on the New T.V.M.H.S Stage

Music Performed by Secondary Students on the New T.V.M.H.S Stage

New T.V.M.H.S Classroom

New T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Classroom 2009

New T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Drawing room 2009

Junior College Cultural Activities

Junior College Sports

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Audio visual Room

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Science Laboratory

Pre-Primary Swimming Pool

Library 2013

Raksha Bandhan Celebration 2013

Friendship Day Celebration 2013

Janamashtami Celebration 2013

Dahi Handi Celebration 2013

Navratri Celebration 2013

Fancy Dress Competition 2013

Primary Assembly 2014

Secondary Assembly 2014

New T.V.M.H.S. Indoor Gymkhana 2014

New T.V.M.H.S. Staffroom 2014

New T.V.M.H.S. Building No.3 of the year 2014

Pre-Primary Assembly 2014

Pre-Primary Classroom 2014

Pre-Primary Computer Lab 2014

Pre-Primary Yoga 2014

Pre-Primary Students - Inter School Chinmay Sholka Competition 2014

Bus Ground 2014

Mango Orchard 2014

New TVMMultimedia Lab 2014

Stage 2014

T.V.M.H.S. Garden no. 1

T.V.M.H.S. Garden no. 2

T.V.M.H.S. Band 2014

T.V.M.H.S. Secondary Investiture Ceremony 2014

T.V.M.H.S.won Best School Award by Shailendra Education Society 2014

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Navratri celebration cum third College Fest 'Brahmotsav' Inauguration 2014

Primary Field Trip to National Park 2014

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Building no.1 2015

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Stage 2015

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Mango Orchard 2015

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College playarea 2015

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Squad 2016

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College E-Library 2016

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College brahmotsav 2016

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Dalmia Lions Utsav Best College Trophy 2016

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Mercado 2016

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Rally for River Campaign 2017

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College GST Awareness 2017

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Wall Decoration 2017

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Teachers Day Celebration 2017

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Tulsi Vivaah Celebration 2017

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College R-ward Best College Trophy 2017

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Dalmia Lions Utsav Best College Trophy 2017

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Science Odyssey 2017

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College AIMSR Best College Trophy 2017

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Carnival 2017

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. CollegeTulsi Vivaah Celebration 2018

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College MR Campaign 2018

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College MR Vaccination 2018

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Brahmotsav 2018

T.V.M.H.S & Jr. College Christmas Celebration 2018